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Class Schedule

Wednesday & Friday 4-5:30 PM, Rm 204, Malcolm Hall

First Semester, AY 2007-2008

Gender & Law

LAW 131- Special Problems in Civil Law


Atty.Carolina S. Ruiz-Austria, Senior Lecturer

The Gender & Law Webiste is a class resource site for the class of Atty. Carolina S. Ruiz Austria at the University of the Philippines College of Law, Diliman, Quezon City

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Gender & Law is a class elective which was initially offered in the UP College of Law in the late 1990s. Legal Theory on Gender is an extensive subject-matter and other Universities and Law Schools all over the world actually offer graduate level degrees and specialization in gender, women's human rights and of late, sexual rights.

The Gender & Law elective at the UP College of Law provides the students of the college an opportunity to engage in current theoretical and actual legal discourse from various perspectives on the sex/gender system. The class is currently being taught by Atty. Carolina S. Ruiz Austria (Senior Lecturer and Founding Executive Director of the Womenlead Foundation, Inc.) as a foundation course on Feminist Legal Theory and Practice, with an emphasis on practical applications to local cases and issues.

The class is a 3 unit elective course.

Course Description 

This course is a foundation course in feminist legal theory and practice. Topics will include foundations of feminist thought, feminist legal theory as well as various applications of feminist critiques of law in legal advocacy, highlighting local cases and experiences in the local women’s movement.

Course Objectives

Objectives:At the end of the course, law students are expected to:

(1)   Be familiar with basic concepts in feminist legal theory as well as identify the various strands of feminist thought and have basic knowledge of feminist legal theories;

(2)   Be able to apply feminist legal theories in problem analysis and critiques of laws and legal practice.

Class Requirements

The Final Grade shall be based on the following:

Attendance 10 % ; Class Participation (including quizzes) 20%; Written Work 30 %; Final Paper 40 % A smoke up list of students shall be made available before the last day of dropping. Students exceeding the maximum number of allowed absences shall likewise be advised to drop the course.


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