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“Thinking about a fact already means changing that fact.”


Colette Guillaumin,Women & Theories about Society, Racism, Sexism, Power & Ideology,1995

Welcome to the Feminist Legal Theory & Practice website. This site is linked to my UPLAW-131 class website. I am currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of the Philippines where I teach at the College of Law. Below are links to recent work, projects I have recently been involved in, as well as links to resources on Feminist Legal Theory, Feminism, and Women's Human Rights available on-line. This site also has links to resources on the web as well as my blog, "HERESY". Click here to visit my LAW-131 class website . Send me email :) I also blog at: RH Reality Check. Org

Recent work :abstract/details

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I blog twice a month See Global Perspectives  Carolina Ruiz Austria at RH Reality Check
03.10.2007 posted at Heresy Beyond Limits: Human Rights gets a dose of Feminism (Paper read at the ISIS-WAGI-Womenlead Fourm at MIRIAM College)
12.01.2006 UP CIDS Say it Isn't Sex: The Politics of Sex Education in the Philippines (Upcoming: Center for Integrative Studies Journal, 2006 December, University of the Philippines
10.19.2006 full paper Exploring the theoretical and political context of the discourse on women's rights [in relation to human rights], Plenary Paper, 6 th National Women's Studies Association of the Philippines.19-21 October 2006, Davao City, Ateneo de Davao.
07.25.2006 posted at Heresy Refelections on Feminisms of Today: Unities and Diversities (Presented at ISIS-International Global Feminist Strategies Forum, 25 July 2006)
08.30.2006 abstract Sex and the State: A Theoretical Framework for Strategic Litigation in Sexual and Reproductive Rights in the Philippines for Womenlead Foundation, Inc.
06.30.2006 abstract Church, State and Sexuality in the Philippines: Secular Rights and Monopolies of Morality?
02.12.2006 abstract Situating Gender in Social Change: A Review of Gender Integration among ALGs
02.08.2006 Lexington, U.S.A. Conflicts & Interests: Trafficking in Women and the Policies on Migration and Trafficking in the Philippines
12.31.2005 DAWN The Tragic Tale of the Philippine women's movement's engagement in law reform
10.30.2004 RHM, U.K.   The Church, State and Women's Bodies in the Context of Religious Fundamentalism in the Philippines


Heresy is from the Greek word "hareomai" meaning choice or a faction of dissident believers.


Kafeminista is a site I designed for a special fund-raiser with Womenlead Foundation, Inc. but it also pokes fun at our "dedication" (READ: not addiction) to the Barako (Liberica) brew. It is a site that will amuse coffee drinkers, especially feminist coffee lovers.

Featured Resources on-line

Here are some links to Projects I recently had an opportunity to be involved in.

Feminist classics on-line

Here are a few available links to some feminist classics .
Womenlead Foundation Inc. Publications
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Heresy is a resource book which includes The documentation of Womenlead's 2003 December forum exploring women's issues, sexuality and religion with Sr. Helen Graham (Catholic Theologian and Maryknoll sister), Yasmin Lao (Muslim Feminist and former Professor), Rev.Erah Cabillah (Philippine Indepent Church).

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Carolina S. Ruiz-Austria

Senior Lecturer, University of the Philippines,Diliman College of Law, 2002-present

LLB, University of the Philippines IBP-1995. View latest CV.

2001 Packard-Gates IFPLP-fellow at the (UC) University of California, International Health Programs (IHP) (My 2001 batchmates also here: Bruce, Bebot, Hazel, Yasmin and Mark)

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